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Working with Ed Bernacki

Ed Bernacki's presentations are colourful and insightful. His style is informative and designed to get people to think in new ways. He often opens presentations by asking, "How many of you attend workshops or conferences like this, make notes, and never look at them again?" Generally one half of every audience admits - "yes that's me!" He then provides insights for listening and recording ideas in new ways.

His presentations are designed to be colourful, interesting and non-traditional. You can download a sample of recent handout version of a presentation.

Workshops - the ideal setting is round tables with participants expecting to participate. A data projector and screen are required. Ed Bernacki brings his own computer and materials. For large room settings, a lapel microphone is required. The use of podium is preferred to help manage his notes. Also, at least one flip chart is required.

Keynote sessions - Ed Bernacki will use a PowerPoint presentation. However, the room lighting should not be dimmed to the extent that hinders the ability of participants to record their ideas. His preference is a lapel microphone. He does prefer to have a podium on stage to help manage his notes. A flipchart is also required on stage.

You can download low and high resolution photographs for your websites or brochures.

Image 1
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high (2.43MB)

Image 2
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Image 3
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Image 4
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Should these photographs not match your need, please contact Ed Bernacki directly at (1) 613 263 0046

Workshop Introductions
A proper introduction is important for positioning the presentation. Please review the most appropriate introduction and consult with Ed Bernacki.

Public Sector introduction (word file to come)
Private Sector introduction (word file to come)

Should you have any other questions, please contact Ed Bernacki directly.

Link to an overview of Ed Bernaki new book: I am an Idea Factory!

Link to an overview of Ed Bernacki new book: 7 Rules For Designing More Effective Conferences